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26 April 2015

  Our company more than 15 years specializes in the manufacture and construction of wooden houses. We have extensive experience in the field of woodworking and designing houses from round logs.

· Our production uses high-tech modern equipment that allows us to produce up to 500m3 of high-quality products per month. All finished products undergo rigorous control at each stage.

· We perform a full cycle of woodworking processes, starting from raw material preparation and ending with shipment of finished products.

· We produce round logs / dry round logs; Profiled bar / dry profiled bar; Sawn timber / dry lumber.

· Drying of logs is carried out in a unique drying chamber, qualitatively and quickly drying the log to transport humidity of 18%.
Advantages of houses from round logs

· The ideal shape of the walls. Due to the special selection of wood and professional processing, the rounded log has the right shape and diameter. In addition, the walls look so aesthetic that they do not require additional exterior finishing.

· Minimum construction time. Mechanized production of logs allows to achieve the exact shape of finished products, which greatly facilitates the assembly of the house, thereby reducing the construction period.

· Price and quality. Round logs are an affordable material, and in combination with the highest quality and environmental friendliness - a house made of rounded logs is the most profitable investment.

· Comfortable accommodation. Excellent insulation properties, ecological compatibility of materials and use of coniferous species - beneficial for human health, make living in a wooden house as comfortable as possible.
What kind of wood do we use for the construction of wooden houses

When building wooden houses from round logs, we use coniferous trees such as: pine, Siberian cedar, larch, which are considered to be the best for comfortable living and, in addition, have healing properties:

· Pine has a lot of advantages. Light and dry wood, excellent texture, ability to store and retain heat make pine the best option for building a house or a bath.

· Siberian cedar is a valuable and rare tree with wood, which creates an optimal microclimate in the room.

· Larch - has a dense texture and a bright pattern. It is known for its durability and can last up to 300 years.


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We will help to build the house of your dreams

1 Material selection

Choose the material of your future home

2 Project selection

Choose the project of your future home

3 Manufacture of a house

Watch the production of your future home

4 Installation and finishing

Stage of erection of your house in the smallest details


Our company has been working on the market of wooden housing construction for more than 15 years. During this time, we have developed, produced and built a number of projects of wooden houses from round logs and profiled beams. Our works you can see on our website. We are waiting for you and your calls !!!

Overview Ready-made projects

  • Tradition Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 1_77_1
    The total area of 218.6 m2
    Dimensions of the house 13х11 m
    Pine D300 mm, 150.6 m3
    The cost of the project 44 000 rub

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  • Homestead Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 1_89_1
    The total area of 149.2 m2
    The house dimensions are 13x9,4 m
    Pine D260 mm, 98.3 m3
    The cost of the project 30 000 rub

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  • Sauna with terrace Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 2_49_1
    The total area of 82.4 m2
    The size of the house is 10,3x8
    Pine D220 mm, 23.6 m3
    The project cost is 14 000 rub.

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  • Alcove Apr 28, 2015

    Project cipher: 3_6_1
    The total area of 11.2 m2
    Dimensions of the house 2,5х3,5м
    Pine D240 mm, 5.56 m3
    The cost of the project 4 000r.

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News Our company

  • news
Our company developed a new project "Manor" To make the most effective use of the useful area of ​​the house, for you we have created a new project at home with an attic. An attic space, often

Promotions !!!

1) When ordering a house from dry material, the discount for raw material drying services is 500 rubles per m3. The promotion is valid until November 1, 2017.
2) The departure of our specialist to the site is free of charge.


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